IMPACT RESOURCES - Simple Solutions for Modern Effective Interventions

The Impact Resources credit card style USB provides a complete portable solution enabling staff to carry a whole programme(s) within their wallet or purse and thereby enable them to utilise the resources more effectively within the community; whether within a client's home, a community location, school or office - basically anywhere where a PC, laptop, tablet or smart Tv is available.

For example, the USB enables staff to carry a 264 page folder, Session Delivery CD-Roms and 11 DVDs in their wallet. This enables them to flexibly tailor sessions individually without the hassle of transport and losing / damaging discs.

In order to purchase the USBs organisations must have already purchased the actual programme(s) hardcopy version and a single USB can be additionally purchased for 25% of the total programme cost. Organsiations that purchase multiple programmes can also have ALL programmes placed onto a single USB for flexibility - again at 25% of total cost. Please contact for details or to discuss requirements