"Yes, definitely worth the money, definitely making an impact and definitely worthwhile"
SCOT BALAZS - Programmes Manager - Oakhill Secure Training Centre

"My staff team are very excited about these resources. One of the best things about them is that they have helped develop the teams knowledge base and staff have learned as much as the young people"
Mike McCarthy - Newport YOT Manager

"This is a really good programme particularly effective with young people and creating discussion in small groups...it’s interesting how much the groups’ views change"


"The only thing I will say, is that there isn't another diversionary aid like it available at this moment in time (IMPACT - Tackling Offending Programme)....it is real"

Barry Jeffries NOMS

"These are excellent resource programmes"

G. Babbington (Head of Programmes and Prevention) Vinney Green STC

"We've found it to be a brilliant programme. We really like the structure and it's easy to use. It takes a completely different angle from the other stuff out there and takes into account the social consequences which from my experience is often overlooked in other programmes."

Damien Cowie - NEWHAM YOT

“It’s fantastic. Really Really impressed by it. It’s very difficult to find something cutting enough, realistic and sufficiently different to get young people to take note. I shall definitely promote this to other drug services”

Cheryl Crowdy ADDACTION Bucks

“It’s brilliant (Weapon & Gang Programme)...very interactive and the kids get it...as well as being very easy to use. If I was looking to buy any other programmes I would definitely come to you as I know they work”


“The programmes are hard hitting, emotive and realistic; the young people taking part in the sessions are able to identify with the stories and subjects and gave a good level of investment to the programmes. They are really different and much better than anything else out there. The lads really want to engage with them and can relate to the way it’s put across”


"We use all the Impact Resources Programmes and have found them to be excellent in engaging and addressing the attitudes of young offenders in here. In my opinion as a prison officer for over forty years there’s nothing like these I’ve come across and they should be in every juvenile centre in the country"

Nick Loveday HMP YOI Werrington

"This programme appears to allow for a much more flexible approach, facilitators being able to tailor the sessions to suit the group. The DVD's use real people in real settings giving the programme an air of authenticity that the group can relate to. From a core skills trainers point of view the programme allows the facilitators see where the group are in their life and roll with it rather than perpetually challenging the group members”.

Humberside Probation Service

"I do feel it engages the offenders more than 2 facilitators who have never experienced what they have. It comes across very relaxed to deliver and removes that "classroom" feel. Due to this I feel you get a better response from the offenders and opens up discussion which enables you to challenge their beliefs surrounding offences. I believe the programme could be opened up to a diverse range of offenders”

Humberside Probation Service

"Enjoyable and easy to deliver - Allows the group to 'take' hold of the programme rather than a 'teaching/coaching' style”

Humberside Probation Service

“This hits the nail on the head. It’s easy to use and follow and really challenges our young people and has a great response from them in terms of engagement”

Steven Clark – Manchester Integrated Gang Management Unit

“The Weapons & Gangs Programme is hard hitting, emotive and realistic; the young people taking part in the sessions were able to identify with the stories and subjects and gave a good level of investment to the programme”

Jo Birtwhistle - East Moor Secure Children’s Centre

“We found the programmes to be very different to anything we have used and very effective in challenging attitudes towards offending. Evaluation of the material was extremely positive and showed a dramatic reduction in re-offending with many of the young people. Many cited these programmes as being the most effective work they had done with the service in terms of preventative work, especially in relation to getting to see the consequences of their actions”

J. Glover (Hull YJS)

“These are really excellent resources. They are very engaging, and for hard to reach young people to be able to listen to those who at one point had similar attitudes but are now living the consequences is very powerful”

Steve Allison – SEFTON YOT

"Staff have used the resources and fed back to the whole team. Their response was impressive"

Liz Keenan East Riding Yorkshire YOT

"It sparked relevant debate on the issues and having the perspective of serving prisoners was particularly useful and made it ‘real"

Rebecca Smith - Wandsworth YOT

“The sessions have been going really well and the young people really like the DVDs – they are really credible and clearly not actors!! It’s great have a ready made programme to pick up and deliver! It’s going well, we’re enjoying delivering it and from the way the YP are engaging and focusing they seem to be enjoying it too and have been engaging well in the sessions! It is a very useful resource & I’m glad we bought it.”

Andrea McCartney | Youth Education Worker YORK

I’ve found the programmes really useful. I really like the focus on forensics within the exercises as this isn’t stressed sufficiently in the other resources I’ve used. The young people also really relate to the films of prisoner interviews. I would definitely recommend these to other services as they are so different and have more impact than other programmes I’ve used

Paul Moss (HRU Group Work Specialist, Kent IYS)

“I used your latest DVD last week for the first time. I used the first two films and showed them during the ‘Reaction to Crime’ module (HMP Wolds) after we’d discussed how people might react to various crimes. You could hear a pin drop!!!!!! It was amazing to see the lads concentration. Their feedback was just as amazing.”


"In terms of taking the stress out of sessions and enabling staff to deliver effectively without much preparation or background knowledge, Impact Resources programmes stand alone. The films and exercises are superb, and sessions always come to life with input from the offenders, which in my experience doesn’t normally happen with most other programmes!"

Peter Henderson – Humberside Probation Service

"The young people engaged and wanted to take part which is good!. They liked the films and could identify with people from similar backgrounds. Really useful for targeted work."

Laura Crosby – Rainsbrook STC

"These resources are very good tools to engage young people into positive sessions. The videos feature many of the situations our young people encounter or are in danger of being exposed to and to hear real life prisoners tell the negative side of their stories helps dismiss some of the glamorous images our young people believe to be associated with crime. The versatility of the resource also enables you to be able to tailor a programme to meet the needs of an individual young person. The resource is also beneficial as a preventative measure for young people who are low level offenders also for young people who have been released from custody, to act as a deterrent from entering the adult prison system."

"This is the best resource we have ever used"

"My staff have stated that they love this resource mainly due to its excellent content however they liked it as it was easy to deliver and they could easily adapt it to any audience. We have even used some of it in our presentations to professionals. We should be using it in schools this year. In conclusion, an excellent resource."
Ronny Tucker - Sheffield YOT

"We have found the programme very beneficial in addressing violent offending and the simple and clear structure/design of the programme makes it easy to understand and has been successful in engaging young people".
Anita, Nagha - Derby YOT

"Prisoners preventing offending is a unique resource. Simply put...there is no other training material that I know of to compare with it. It is a genuine preventative investment for those interested in reducing offending"
Barrie Jeffery (Officer in Charge of the Hull and East Riding Justice Centre)

"I have been using Impact Resources – ‘Prisoners Preventing Offending’, as part of my Victim Awareness course here at HMP Wolds. I use the DVD ‘Crying Every Day (Families Perspective)’ as a way of showing the impact that crime has on families. When I show the DVD as part of the ‘Reaction to Crime’ module of the course there is a clear and visible awareness of their actions. For some of the offenders this is the first time that they have been made aware of the effect of their actions and it is a lesson that stays with them and is evident in their assignments."
Carole Dalton – Specialist Unit Coordinator HMP Wolds

An excellent resource, I used it with a year 11 class and all the students where fully engaged. i would say this is the best PSHE resource i have ever used and i think the students would fully agree with me.
Dave Dearness (Sir Henry Cooper School, Hull)

"This pack is a must for PSHE. It's engaging, simple to use for alternative education curriculums, and easy to deliver. I could not recommend this highly enough"
Debbie Coyle - Ashwell Pupil Referral Unit, Hull

"I have used the resource with two groups and on both occasions have had very good feedback from both the young people and staff. Staff thought it was very informative and made the young people think about their own offending and the consequences of acts. This was evident through the discussions the sessions invoked. Overall I have found the pack very easy to use. I really liked the Research Exercises that were added later and used these to good effect as an end of year project. I look forward to any addition materials you are developing for this pack and will be using the pack more extensively in this school year."
Sandra Leefe - SERCO PRU (Bradford)

“This pack and these films highlight the consequences to crime through the lens of an offender, a priceless opportunity for a ‘wanna-be’ criminal to see what really lies ahead"

“This pack tackles the incentives that young people see in crime and fits more with what I hear from my young people”.

"This is without doubt the most hard hitting victim oriented resource I have witnessed. The clever thing about it is that the devastating consequences shown in one of the films in particular is as a result of what most would consider low level offending. As such the young people really related to this"
Barrie Jeffrey (OIC Hull & East Riding Justice Centre))

“This is the resource I have been waiting for for years!”