Reality in Prison
Reality Picture

This resource pack was developed in response to young offenders glorification of prison, and to provide a counter argument to challenge the ‘mixed’ messages coming from peers about life ‘inside’. The contributors (mostly serving life sentences) felt it was necessary for young offenders to understand the reality and ‘waste’ of prison with a focus on the facts & reality of prison life.

"These resources are very good tools to engage young people into positive sessions. The videos feature many of the situations our young people encounter or are in danger of being exposed to and to hear real life prisoners tell the negative side of their stories helps dismiss some of the glamorous images our young people believe to be associated with crime. The versatility of the resource also enables you to be able to tailor a programme to meet the needs of an individual young person. The resource is also beneficial as a preventative measure for young people who are low level offenders also for young people who have been released from custody, to act as a deterrent from entering the adult prison system."

The 4 SESSION PROGRAMME comprises a 31 page pack, with 4 supporting films made with serving prisoners, and a 127 page Session Support CD-Rom designed for group delivery and evaluation.

Comprised of the following:

  • Provides a ‘tool’ to realistically challenge the most entrenched and stereotypical views
  • Creates awareness of the reality of life ‘inside’, with real scenarios and examples from prisoners own experiences throughout

This Programme & Films Cover:

  • The MENTAL CHALLENGES facing prisoners on a daily basis including repetition, boredom and the limits of prison relationships
  • The UNDERLYING tensions within prison, minimising challenges, confrontation and violence
  • The STRUCTURE OF PRISONS including the categories, wing structure and daily routine
  • The role of BULLYING & EXPLOITATION within prison
  • The use and role of DRUGS & MOBILES within prison including the danger & consequences of debt