MINDSET - Tackling Offending Programme

“Until you change an offender’s criminal mindset most of the work agencies try and do falls on deaf ears”


Reality Picture

The MINDSET – Tackling Offending Programme is a complete intervention programme ideal for NPS, CRCs, Youth justice Agencies, Attendance Centres, YOIs, Prisons. The 10 session (11 film) programme takes ALL Impact Resources to date and combines elements of them into ONE GENERAL OFFENDING PROGRAMME providing Case Managers with a flexible intervention suitable for a range of needs - Attendance Centres, IOM , DYO, early intervention, or as a specified activity.

INFORMATION DETAIL The programme’s primary aim is to provide professionals with an effective general offending programme that is current, engaging and effective, easy to deliver and be beneficial for ALL offenders as an educational / preventative tool; a programme that allows facilitator’s skills and previous knowledge of interventions to be included in a flexible approach.

The programme provides Case Managers with a flexible intervention suitable for a range of orders. Additional material and interventions can be incorporated into the programme by organisations from existing practice e.g. interview skills, CV building, Domestic Abuse interventions etc. Additional material can be incorporated from Impact Resources to develop the intervention further e.g. Extremism, Female Focussed Offending material. Additional future updates and films will be available to continually expand the programme


The programme is currently being used by Humberside Lincolnshire & North Yorkshire CRC (largest nationally) after a successful pilot, and also Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, and Rutland CRC (from Jan 2015), as well as elements used within HMP Hull and HMP Humber and 76 Services nationally

At a Glance

The 10 SESSION (11 FILM) PROGRAMME comprises of a HARD COPY REFERENCE MANUAL (including EXERCISES, GUIDANCE & FACILITATOR NOTES), with 2 SESSION DELIVERY CD-ROMS and 10 DVDs focussing on prisoner / victim input. There is also an accompanying document (FACILITATOR SESSION GUIDE) that incorporates and links in psychosocial evidence based offending interventions within the programme. These include: COGNITIVE BEHAVIOUR THEORY, RATIONAL EMOTIVE BEHAVIOUR THEORY, MOTIVATIONAL INTERVIEWING, SOLUTION FOCUSED / TASK CENTRED, SYSTEMIC PRACTICE, NEURO-LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING). Every exercise is overviewed from a practical theoretical perspective with links made to existing interventions. The programme will build and develop staffs’ existing knowledge base and experience. Training is also strongly recommended for staff teams.

The sessions focus upon areas that prisoners and professionals felt were the most relevant in challenging the thinking and attitudes of offenders. These include: Violence, Problematic Drug Use, Forensics & Reality of Getting Caught, Weapon & Peer Pressure (inc Gangs), Victim Awareness, Reality in Prison, Drug Dealing & profiting from offending long term, Impact on Personal Relationships, Challenging Offender Value Bases.


For organisations requiring resource programmes for multiple centres, a licensing option can be arranged. This includes facilitator training. It also simplifies an agencies logistical and organisational issues which arise when running concurrent programmes at several locations with different staff. Please contact to discuss requirements further (See CONTACT & SALES section)