Weapon and Gang Programme

“These are excellent resource programmes”

“We've found it to be a brilliant programme. We really like the structure and it's easy to use. It takes a completely different angle from the other stuff out there and takes into account the social consequences which from my experience is often overlooked in other programmes”

“This hits the nail on the head. It’s easy to use and follow and really challenges our young people and has a great response from them in terms of engagement”
Steven Clark – Manchester Integrated Gang Management Unit

Reality Picture

The 5 week Weapon & Gang Programme is designed for all agencies / organisations working with young people and adults where group (gang), and weapon related offences are currently an issue (or could potentially become so in the future). It is designed to be easy to deliver, extremely engaging and also simple to evaluate. The programme is tailored for both individual and also group work sessions.

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Comprised of the following:

  • The programme is largely based on genuine scenarios provided by prisoners who are currently serving, or have served lengthy sentences for weapon and gang related offences.
  • The 5 week programme consists of a 41 page hard copy reference folder, a session delivery CD-Rom (133 page), and a DVD film disc containing 4 films to reinforce the key messages.

The programme focuses in detail on the following areas:

  • True examples and the lessons learned from the experiences of life sentence prisoners sentenced for weapon and gang related offences
  • The exploitation of young people within gang related offending
  • The role of debt (as opposed to threat) in recruiting vulnerable young people into gangs
  • The risks to family members that gang association can cause
  • The true cost and impact of gang involvement (from both a legal and criminal perspective)
  • The Police investigative response to weapon offences and the whole host of forensic technology available (ballistic fingerprinting for example)
  • The physical and psychological cost of weapon injuries and use
  • Challenging the myths around weapon use and getting away with offences where weapons have been used