Drugs Programme
Reality Picture

This programme has been developed with ex substance misusers to educate around what they saw as crucial areas often overlooked or not sufficiently explored in existing drug education programmes.

The programme is extremely adaptable, flexible, and able to be tailored for individual / group need - from early intervention to intensive work (tier 1-4).

"It’s fantastic. Really Really impressed by it. It’s very difficult to find something cutting enough, realistic and sufficiently different to get young people to take note. I shall definitely promote this to other drug services"
Cheryl Crowdy ADDACTION Bucks

Many ex substance users felt that within education programmes too much emphasis was placed on facts and figures. They felt that the story needed to be told of the user’s story rather than an over reliance on medical facts e.g. identifying drugs from picture cards, street names, estimating units of alcohol consumption etc.

This nine session programme is comprised of:

A 9 session (Film supported & CDRom Delivery disc with session evaluations) tailored programme for use with young people & adults around the reality of substance misuse.

As a result, the exercises are based on the testimonies and experiences of former problematic / dependent users to highlight the true impact of drug misuse on a level participants can relate to. These include:

  • Recognising the subtlety and self deception involved within the transition from recreational use to problematic usage and potential dependency

This programme aims to look at the whole dynamic of offending in relation to creating victims with an emphasis upon exploring:

  • The reality of addiction and recognising how the journey starts and the stages involved
  • The true nature of the effect on individual’s lives by utilising true case
    studies that participants on the programme can relate to.
  • The true nature and impact on lives of drug misuse (including family)
  • The physical, psychological and lifestyle impacts (including offending)
  • User’s perspectives on poly drug use,legal highs and their negative
  • The lifespan of perceived positive drug use and the legacy of long term
    use on an individual’s life
  • The challenges to stopping using drugs, learning from ‘those who have’
    about overcoming difficulties and where the risks lay