CRIME - Challenging Thinking Programme
Reality Picture

"This is the best resource we have ever used"

This pack provides a unique tool to creatively extend, improve and develop Offender Management Programmes for all YOT, YOS’s, STC’s and YOI’s.


*NOTE: The Session Support CD-Roms break the following exercises down for group delivery and also include additional prisoner quotes and points to reinforce


Comprised of the following:

  • Provides a ‘tool’ to realistically challenge the most entrenched and stereotypical views with a focus upon a number of offences.
  • Creates awareness of unique areas such as FORENSICS, and does so with real scenarios and examples from prisoners own experiences throughout.
  • The 7 session programme comprises a 62 page pack, with two (224 page) Session Support CD-Roms designed for group delivery and evaluation, and a series of A5 cards that support the exercises.

Further specialist topics include:

  • Reality of exploitation of young people within crime.
  • Forensics - Looked at in detail with a focus upon several offences, including ‘ballistics’ and weapon related detection methods, with real scenarios and examples.
  • Exploring the boundaries and limits to what underlies ‘typical offenders’ views of acceptable and unacceptable offending & the challenges to these.
  • The short and long term effects of attitude from prisoners own experiences.
  • Exploring negative attitudes towards the police in creative ways and challenging these views from a realistic standpoint!
  • Exploration of factors and incentives that contribute towards offending that can be realistically controlled (with input from prisoners)