Q: How much do effective programmes save?



Murder £1,775,000
GBH sect 18 £25,747
other Wounding £9,790
Common Assault £1,750
Burglary £3,925
Robbery £8,810
Theft of Vehicle £4,970
Criminal Damage £1,053

*SOURCE: Home Office Integrated Offender Management Value for Money Toolkit - September 2011

Home Office Online Report 30/05 (HOOR 30/05) and Home Office Research Study 217 (HORS 217)

Q: How are Impact Resources value for money?

*NOTE: Costs estimations based on the most expensive resource currently available (6 session PRISONERS PREVENTING OFFENDING (PPO) at £995):

  • If 10 courses were delivered per year (based on 10 attendees per programme as typical YOT feedback average) COSTS = average £10 per participant per FULL programme, or £1.60 per offender per session

  • The second set of 10 courses eventually COSTING £1 participant FULL programme OR £0.16p per session, with the third set eventually bringing the programme COST to £0.10p per participant for FULL programme or £0.01p per session - A PROVEN EFFECTIVE INTERVENTION FOR PENNIES!

  • If these figures (10 YOs on a programme being delivered 10 times over a year) were based on the CRIME - Challenging Thinking Programmes (£395 - 7 Session) the costs would be as little as £0.06p per session per young person by the end of the tenth programme!

  • The programmes are suitable for all levels of YROs so the ability for YOTs to refer on to the programmes (or identified parts of the programme) is limitless

Q: Is there any evidence Impact Resources work?

READ the following evaluation data from Hull YJS. Also visit the YJB Effective Practice Library for further evaluations and the REFERENCES section to get feedback from youth justice services:

  • Sample of 8 YOs (total 25 offences per programme) evidenced reduction to 8 offenses total 3 months post programme

  • The biggest individual reduction was 13 offences 6 months prior to programme to zero offences 3 months post intervention

  • Tracking data also demonstrated statistically significant results to desistance / time to re-offending

  • There was a longer elapsed time period between offending post programme as compared to the frequency of offences pre programme

  • There was also evidence of a reduction in the seriousness of offences committed post programme

READ the following evaluation data from HMP Hull:

  • Several of the Impact Resources programmes were used as the main educational material within a pilot project within the prison.

  • Young prisoners were placed on the weekly programme as part of their induction. This was a voluntary programme and prisoners could choose to opt out after the initial session. The sessions were very well received and very few prisoners chose not to attend with the vast majority completing the programmes.

  • The project utilised the Impact Resources materials and films to add further value to their work with the young prisoners. The project was initially developed to look at innovative ways of reducing re-offending post release, by targeting attitudes towards crime within the younger prisoner population whilst in prison.

  • In total, over 200 young prisoners completed the programme. Evaluation feedback was overwhelmingly positive in comparison to other courses within the prison. Feedback often stated that the programmes had challenged and changed their attitudes towards offending and increased their motivation in terms of future desistance from further offending.

  • The resources have also been used within prison based community work within the region where schools have visited the prison. Again feedback has been extremely positive.

  • The fact that the resources have been effective within the prison demonstrates their genuine effectiveness and uniqueness. Even life sentence and IPP prisoners have commented on their accuracy. The young prisoners also commented that the resources had made them much more aware of the risks and dangers of continued offending and been a positive learning experience.

READ the following evaluation data from Hull & East Riding Justice Centre:

  • Data has evidenced that the programmes have been extremely engaging and effective in educating and changing attitudes towards crime.

  • Staff have found the programmes have developed their own offending knowledge base

  • The centre has found these resources to be invaluable and a genuine asset to prevention work with challenging offenders

Also visit the References section to get feedback from Youth Justice Services